Zimbabwe Network of Early Childhood Development Actors | About
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Zimbabwe Network of Early Childhood Development Actors (ZINECDA) is a national umbrella of Early Childhood Development Organizations working in partnership to influence policies, programmes and practice related to Early Childhood Development (ECD) by sharing information on experiences and generating knowledge and understanding of ECD.

The Network was formed so as to bring together players and actors in Early Childhood Development in Zimbabwe. For a long time decisions on ECD were carried out centrally leaving out other players in different provinces of the country. The formation of ZINECDA came at a pivotal moment as most marginalized areas and organizations can now be part of a vibrant network that gives them equal participation in ECD at a provincial level.

Currently ZINECDA has presence in all the ten provinces of Zimbabwe with an elected committee coordinating ECD activities. Quarterly meetings are held to share information, develop strategies, network and identify critical ECD issues for advocacy.

Our Vision

ZINECDA’s vision is a Zimbabwe where all young children from conception to 8 year old are treasured in such a way that their basic rights are met and their rights to survive and thrive are realized.

Our Mission

ZINECDA’s mission is to ensure that all ZINECDA members work collaboratively to promote multi-sectoral approaches to child development.

Our Values

We respect the uniqueness and rights of every individual child. The child’s wellbeing and interests are at the centre of all what we do.

Our Goal

ZINECDA aim at creating an enabling environment for strengthening the capacity of members to strategically engage in key Policy and Programme Development processes at all levels to influence the improvement of support for holistic development of all infants and young children.